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JUNYAN was founded on March 3rd, 2015. Even is a very young company, but is very experience technical in medical dressings, in last 3 years the turnover  going up very greatly with double times. We can provide various solutions for you.  

Our products have been sell to the worldwide areas, such as, United States, France, Australia, Poland, England, Israel, UK, Korea, South  Africa, Turkey, Italy, Netherland, Canada, Singapore, Russia, Nigeria, Ghana, Hong Kong, Tai Wan, etc..

In all, we are looking forward to more partners join us to build bright future.

JUNYAN History & Organization

1.JUNYAN founded on 3rd March, 2015

2.Founder: Zhou Hongsheng

3.Sales Dept.: 8 persons

4.Production Dept.:35 persons

5. Packaging: 16 persons

6. Warehouse: 6 persons

7. QC Dept.: 4 persons

8. R&D Dept.: 5 persons

9. Others: 5 persons